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Major Sponsoring Organizations 

Sponsoring Organizations

Supporting Organizations

Your Support is Invited 

The Fascia Research Congress Executive Committee invites academic centers and professional membership organizations to support the 2009 conference in Amsterdam, either as a sponsor or as a supporter.

Sponsorship includes a substantial monetary and/or a significant in-kind contribution (donation of facilities, major advertising placement, personnel services) plus communicating announcements on behalf of the Congress to your related constituencies. For FRC 2009 there are two sponsor levels: Sponsors…contributing $2,500 - $7,500 and Major Sponsors…$10,000 and above.

Supporters back the conference goals with a formal letter of support. In addition, supporters make information about the conference available to their members and associates in whatever manner is most appropriate/feasible (making information about the Fascia Research Congress available on their websites, ads and mentions in membership journals/newsletters, sending emails announcements on behalf of the congress to appropriate parties).

Academic centers and professional membership organizations wishing to support the Fascia Research Congress can contact us at

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