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Second International Fascia Research Congress
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Oral and Poster Presentation Abstracts 

The abstracts are organized into categories and whether for oral presentation or poster presentation within each category. Click on the title to view abstract text (PDF).

Authors of abstracts selected for oral presentation are scheduled in some plenary sessions and in concurrent parallel sessions. Topics and days scheduled are indicated below. (See Program 2009 for full details.)

Posters will be available for viewing on Wednesday and remain available for viewing through Thursday. Formal poster sessions with authors in attendance are scheduled for late afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday. (See Program 2009 for full details.) Posters relating primarily to clinical subjects will be available for viewing (with authors present) during the lunch period on the Post Congress Workshops day, Saturday, October 31.

Glossary of Terms Used in Fascia Research » 

  1. Fascia Anatomy
    Paper/Oral (Plenary Session Wednesday)
  2. Fascia Biomechanics & Physiology
    Paper/Oral (Parallel Session I Thursday)
  3. Fascia Cytology, Histology
    Paper/Oral (Parallel Session I Tuesday)
    Paper/Oral (Parallel Session II Tuesday)
  4. Fascia Cytology/Mechanics
    Paper/Oral (Parallel Session I Wednesday)
  5. Functional Innervation
    Paper/Oral (Plenary Session Friday)
  6. Low Back Pain & Lumbar Fascia
    Paper/Oral (Parallel Session II Wedneday)
  7. Molecular Biology & Cytology
    Paper/Oral (Plenary Session Tuesday)
  8. Pathology/Treatment
    Paper/Oral (Parallel Session II Thursday)
  9. Saturday / Clinical Subjects (partial list)
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