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Second International Fascia Research Congress
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Second International Fascia Research Congress

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 27-30, 2009Herengracht, Avond, Centrum, Amsterdam

The second conference at Vrije Universiteit continued the high level of scientific presentations set in the first conference. The Amsterdam Congress was a four day schedule followed by an additional day of post-conference clinical workshops. This added new dimensions – presentation of the clinical practices, both in lecture/demonstrations and in small group sessions, and integration with academic faculty conducting rehabilitation research. Vrije University has a main auditorium seating 900 and numerous smaller rooms for concurrent sessions. The conference was attended by 550 people from 40 countries.

The Fascia Research Congress 2009 in Amsterdam was hosted by Faculteit Bewegingswetenschappen (Faculty of Human Movement Sciences) at Vrije Universiteit.

The Scientific Chair of the conference was Peter Huijing, PhD, a physiologist and keynote presenter from the first fascia research conference who is the recipient of the prestigious Muybridge Award for his work on fascial connections and force transmission within muscle tissue. The Administrative Chair was Peter Hollander, PhD who was dean of the School of Movement Sciences from 1998 to 2007 and has been active in sports related exercise physiology with an emphasis on swimming.

Faculteit Bewegingswetenschappen (Faculty of Human Movement Sciences) Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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