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A reaction to the Fascia Research Congress from one of the principal speakers, Serge Gracovetsky PhD, Emeritus Professor, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada… 

"That conference was one of the most productive I have been involved with. I am not a clinician, but I knew that manual therapy was effective since I witnessed the benefits that my wife received from a chiropractic friend following a car accident. Why it worked was a mystery to me, and the absence of hard data in the literature (i.e. convincing blind studies with control group) did not help. Boston 2007 changed all that. On Thursday morning, the direct impact of stress at the cellular level, including the expression of DNA targeting the build up of muscle was coolly laid out in no uncertain terms. I was mesmerized by the movie of Dr. Guimberteau which instantly obsoleted all mathematical models of tissue biomechanics that I knew. That was the evidence I was looking for. The question is no longer whether manual therapy is an efficient alternate form of medicine. The data demonstrates that the therapy intervenes at a very primitive and fundamental level in our systems. It has to have a major effect. That was a total surprise to me."

"In truth, I realized since the early 1990’s that the classical representations of the musculo skeletal system were incorrect. Confronted with many discrepancies in the calculations, I sensed that something fundamental was missing. I tried but could not reconcile the logic of Tensegrity with serious spine biomechanics. Boston 2007 provided the pathway. It suddenly made so much sense."

Serge Gracovetsky

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